Induction Kit

Code: A01M30003

Focus RS M375 upgrade kit (induction kit, re-circ valve & mTune handset)** Includes Warranty

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The mountune M375 power upgrade allows Focus RS owners in markets not currently supported by Ford to still experience the same factory-backed upgrade experience, via an mTune handset. Utilising the induction kit and turbo re-circ valve from our endorsed FPM375 upgrade the M375 also includes an mTune handset for easy DIY installation. Once upgraded, power is boosted to 375PS from 350PS, whilst torque is increased from 470Nm to 510Nm (on overboost), which is enough to achieve 0-62mph in just 4.5secs! The M375 performance kit includes a mountune high-flow induction kit, uprated re-circulating valve, mTune handset with mountune 375 calibration and two mountune badges. mTune Features ECU performance calibration transfer Supplied complete with two user-interchangeable calibrations M375 calibration Anti-theft mode (will be supported in future firmware update) DYNO MODE – Enable / Disable RDU with the push of a button for easy dyno operation and when only 2WD dyno is available. In-field calibration updates 0-60 times ¬ mile times Monitor 6 OBD channels Adjustable shift light Full data logging DTC reading / clearing Soft touch rear case LCD screen Ambient light sensor Please Note: The warranty of the vehicle being updated with this upgrade may be affected. The M375 upgrade kit is not Ford-endorsed. To maintain any warranty provision otherwise entitled to you, and to ensure correct operation and reliability, calibrations loaded via an mTune handset must be installed together with the correct mountune? hardware.