Sound suppression chamber RS

Code: A01M30006

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This part does not affect the base vehicle warranty. The Mk3 Focus RS produces some fantastic noises, but some cars also exhibit a ‘whistle’ either on idle or during light throttle openings. As airflow and power output is increased, this noise becomes exacerbated so cars that seemingly didn’t whistle, appear to, with this incorrectly attributed to the part that’s increasing the airflow. This noise itself is the byproduct of the air passing through the compressor housing on the turbocharger – it’s the same principle as the noise heard when blowing across the top of a bottle. The mountune Sound Suppression Chamber (SSC) replaces the OE resonator found on the OE turbocharger and can be installed in an hour (with appropriate access to the turbocharger). Despite its simple appearance, the SSC’s dimensions, materials used and internal configuration all play a crucial part in cancelling out this unwanted NVH / ‘whistle’. If you experience this noise after installing any upgraded air filter, induction kit or when using a calibration that increase power output, the mountune SSC is for you. Features: ? Cancels out ‘whistle’ / unwanted NVH apparent on some vehicles ? Easy to install ? Hard anodised ? Nomex lined hose. ? Available in three hose colours; Black, Light Blue or Grey.