About Us
Dedicated to Improving your Driving Experience

We all uniquely express ourselves, and for the car enthusiast, this is apparent in the modification of our most prized possessions – our vehicles. We don’t see vehicles as a mode of transport but as a piece of art and expression of who we are. And thus, Performance Centre was established with car enthusiasts in mind.

Our Part to Play

Ford Performance Parts and Roush Performance Parts are two prominent brands that are distributed and fitted by Performance Centre. These world class brands comply with OEM requirements, keeping the warranty of the vehicle in tact when fitted by an approved technician. We take pride in the fact that all of our parts and products conform to the highest quality standards and provide our customers with the freedom of choice to express themselves.

Our Mission

To become the preferred performance parts and related products distributor in the Southern hemisphere

Jack Roush began his automotive career as an engine development engineer for Ford Motor Company in 1964. He soon discovered a passion for drag racing and formed his own team in 1970 with partner Wayne Gapp. The duo went on to win multiple championships in AHRA, NHRA and IHRA Pro Stock drag racing.

The world has learned RTR manufactures to the highest OEM standards. Our parts are tested and validated by professional drivers in extreme & motorsport conditions. That hands-on experience translates into versatile total performance systems—all of our products are designed and engineered to work together, instead of just as one-off parts.

Carlex Design is a globally recognized company renowned for our premium automotive interiors. Our innovative and stylish designs have been featured in numerous press outlets, including Motor1.com, Top Gear, and Autoblog, cementing our status as a leader in the industry.