Carlex Designs

Carlex Design is a globally recognized company renowned for our premium automotive interiors. Our innovative and stylish designs have been featured in numerous press outlets, including, Top Gear, and Autoblog, cementing our status as a leader in the industry.

We target our design services at the companies that are in search of exceptional design, because 99% of clients will choose a good design over a bad one.

With an individual approach, a design that is refined in every detail and quality of the highest level, the products supplied by Carlex Design Studio are not only beautiful to look at, but also offer an exceptional user experience.


  • redesign of seat upholstery
  • divans upholstery
  • toilet chairs
  • crew seats
  • other interior parts
  • styling and emblems


  • limited edition styling packs
  • body kits
  • accessories
  • rims
  • styling and emblems


  • limited edition upholstery
  • individual interior makeover
  • steering wheels
  • interior elements


We also specialise in the design of everyday items and interior furnishings, the common denominator of which is inspired by the automotive world.