Amarok Amy
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The Amy is a synthesis of functionality of an off-roader with creative design by Carlex Design.
Its massive body, marked with an energetic body kit and styling stickers, as well as its unique interior, make the Amy both visually appealing and comfortable.
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Expressive Form
Graphic styling stickers mark the expressive character of the vehicle, and they perfectly complement the unique interior pattern design.
The Amy’s interior impresses with its custom-made design, and has been fabricated by Carlex Design with the use of top quality genuine nappa leather, decorated with unique seams and quilting pattern. Perfect trim and best quality add a spot of luxury.
Body kit.
The expressive lines of the vehicle have been marked with a bespoke body kit. The body kit parts are characterised by top quality, durability and perfect fitting.
Steering wheel.
The Amy has a modified, sporty and comfortable steering wheel. Its new shape ensures maximum grip, and the leather applied makes the driving experience a real pleasure.
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Our fitment centre, along with our network of Certified Dealers allows us to fit and tune your Performance Ranger or Mustang, as well as provide the best after-sales service available. We have been selling and modifying Rangers, Mustangs and other Fords exclusively since the day of our inception and we are here to stay, providing the very best products, service, and long term support.
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