Ranger RS 1
The ROUSH RS 1 Ranger offers aesthetic upgrades that individualise your Ranger and make it stand out from the crowd.
The ROUSH RS 1 Ranger offers a new look for your 2018-2021 Ford Ranger with an unique state of the art body kit including amongst others, flared wheel arches, dual exhaust pipes, tail gate details and a menacing new front bumper.
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Why choose Performance Centre
Over the past few years we have grown to be one of the largest ROUSH distributors in the world. Our upgrade packages have been extensively tailored to suit South African conditions, and local drivers’ desires. With extensive knowledge coupled with solid relationships with all our suppliers, implies that the service and products we provide are simply the best.
Our fitment centre, along with our network of Certified Dealers allows us to fit and tune your Performance Ranger or Mustang, as well as provide the best after-sales service available. We have been selling and modifying Rangers, Mustangs and other Fords exclusively since the day of our inception and we are here to stay, providing the very best products, service, and long term support.
Why choose us?